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How Much Does Cairns Hot Water System Installation Cost?

A straight forward installation of an existing hot water system with the same type and in the same position keeps costs down. If additional plumbing is required, or the electrical wiring requires an upgrade, costs may be higher.

If you need to reposition your hot water system to a different site on the property, installation costs will increase. This depends on the plumbing and electrical work required.

Changing energy type, for example, switching from gas to electric, will require additional work and increase the cost. If you are upgrading the size of your system, additional plumbing and electrical work may be required also.

Why Is My Hot Water Not Hot In The Kitchen?

If you have an electric hot water unit you may notice your hot water is ‘not as hot as it used to be’. As a safety precaution Australian Standards requires hot water be no hotter than 50° in bathrooms. Our plumbers are required to fit a tempering valve to restrict the bathroom hot water temperature to 50º.

Can I Install My New Hot Water System Myself?

Installing your own hot water system is illegal in Australia and very dangerous. The risks are not worth it. Avoid serious harm and voiding your warranty. Call our licensed plumbers to install it for you.

What Size Cairns Hot Water System Do I Need?

Many factors need to be considered, to ensure the hot water system you choose is ideal for your home, family and lifestyle. Points to consider include:

  • How many people are living in your home? Make sure you plan for the future to ensure the system will be able to cater for additional demands if needed.
  • How many bathrooms? If your home has more bathrooms or an extra kitchen, your system will need to be larger to maintain the hot water for the whole house.
  • When does your home use hot water? If your household uses most of their hot water in the evening, you will need a larger system to avoid running out.

Household Size & Electric Storage Hot Water System Size

  • 1-2 bedrooms = 50 litre
  • 3 bedrooms = 125-160 litre
  • 4 + bedrooms = 250 – 315 litre

Please note these recommendations should be used as a guide only, speak to our local Cairns hot water system specialists for specific advice for your home and hot water needs.

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